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We are experts in the field of applied magnetism!

We are starting the recruitment of a Sales Engineer for Bakker Magnetics in Son.

In this blog I will tell you more about the background of this vacancy and about the workplace itself in Son. Maybe it’s something for you? Enjoy reading!

By the way, I could not have written this blog without the help of Maarten de Bekker, Product Group Manager Magnetic Technology & Assemblies, Many thanks for that!

Daan: What can you tell about yourself and the department you represent?

Maarten: I am Maarten de Bekker, Product Group Manager at Bakker Magnetics, responsible for one of the three product divisions within Bakker Magnetics, namely the Magnetic Technology & Assemblies product division, MTA short. Here we develop and produce customized magnets and magnetic intermediates for various high-tech applications in the modern world of tomorrow.

Daan: Why are there two of us sitting here at the table?

Maarten: Within the MTA, we see challenging goals for the next few years when it comes to growing the business. Therefore, we are urgently looking to expand the team with ambitious colleagues who want to contribute along side us to start realizing these goals

Daan: What can you tell us about MTA’s Sales Team?

Maarten: Our Sales Team consists of 3 sales colleagues including myself and 2 colleagues on customer service and sales support. Our focus area is Western Europe. We are an experienced team with more than 25 years of experience. But there is also a lot of specific knowledge within BM in the various departments, from which you as a new colleague can benefit greatly.

Daan: How would you describe the culture at Bakker Magnetics?

Maarten: Our team is like a powerful magnetic field, in which cooperation and interaction is as natural as the attraction between the poles. We vieren gezamenlijk successen, delen dezelfde visie en hebben een klantgerichte benadering, waardoor we een hecht en sterk team vormen.

Daan: What are you going to encounter in the beginning as a Sales Engineer?

Maarten: Especially the technical skills you have to deal with. These are separate from magnetism, as this is something you just have to learn. I don’t expect anyone to fully master that right away. What you have to deal with from the assembly side are assembly and machining techniques, such as turning, milling and tapping. But also gluing. For these techniques, you must have a feel for understanding and advising the customer. Our engineering department specializes in this and acts as a resource for questions. But it’s important to be able to talk about this, right from the get-go with your clients.

Daan: Who does the Sales Engineer interact with on a daily basis?

Maarten: Internally, the Sales Engineer has daily contact with the purchasing department, responsible for obtaining the magnets from China. The engineering department on technical developments and project progress and the quality department on material properties and quality issues. The operations department provides insight into work preparation and operational processes, making it extremely valuable in identifying and resolving bottlenecks and bringing them into customer conversations. Externally, the Sales Engineer interacts with technicians on the one hand and decision makers on the other, ranging from purchasing managers to directors, depending on the size of the company.

“Our team is like a powerful magnetic field, in which cooperation and interaction is natural!”

Maarten de Bekker Bakker Magnetics interview

Maarten de Bekker, Product Group Manager Magnetic Technology & Assemblies

Daan: What is the ambition of Bakker Magnetics?

Maarten: The ambition of Bakker Magnetics is to develop further as an expert in the field of applied magnetism and to become a knowledge center for magnets and magnetic intermediate products. We are committed to continuing high-quality production lines with a team of specialists to produce magnet assemblies for our customers. For the future, there is a lot of focus on this in combination with the green dot on the horizon, to ensure that we build a sustainable organization from electrification.

Daan: How can the Sales Engineer make a valuable contribution in this?

Maarten: De Sales Engineer kan een waardevolle bijdrage leveren door te focussen op deep-selling bij bestaande klanten. This means that we not only sell magnets, but by being in constant dialogue with the customer we also offer other services, such as pre-assembly of products. By unburdening customers and adding value, we can simplify their processes and help them work more efficiently. This may include, for example, establishing inventory contracts to reduce the risk of product shortages. The sales engineer’s job is to continually look for opportunities to offer the customer more than just products in order to build long-term and valuable relationships.

Daan: What can you tell us about the strategic alliance with China?

Martin: We have a long-term relationship of almost three decades with a leading magnet manufacturer in China. This strategic partnership allows us to produce a wide range of high-quality products for different markets and strengthen our presence in various markets.

Daan: Does Bakker Magnetics have an onboarding process?

Maarten: Absolutely We have an onboarding program that will introduce you to various disciplines within Bakker Magnetics over the course of several weeks. This will give you a broad view of our company and processes. You will also receive various internal training and seminars on our products and applications. You learn primarily by interacting with colleagues from different departments. We moedigen dan ook sterk aan dat je zelf initiatief neemt en met verbeteringen en ideeën komt. The greatest potential for growth is taking initiative. We believe very strongly in this.

Daan: Do you also take a personal role in the development of the Sales Engineer?

Maarten: Definitely. During the onboarding program, there is room for bilateral consultations and weekly meetings in which I provide support for personal development. I also sometimes work with a buddy system within the team, in which an experienced colleague serves as a point of contact for questions and support, which seems to work well.

Daan: What are the biggest challenges for the Sales Engineer?

Maarten: A key challenge is to differentiate Bakker Magnetics from other providers on price and cost differences. In fact, customers can also go directly to the source in China. It is crucial to emphasize the added value of our company in sales conversations.
With us, you won’t find everything laid out for you. As a Sales Engineer, you will be responsible for delivering new projects internally and to customers. This requires personal initiative and commitment.

Daan: What is the added value of Bakker Magnetics ?

Maarten: Our Dutch branch in Son has a lot of magnetic experience, as well as a strong logistics network with China including a specially equipped warehouse and quality department. Products from China enter Europe with us through a quality buffer. Not all companies have the power to arrange that independently. This brings a lot of uncertainty of long delivery times. Bakker Magnetics offers the assurance and experience that we always have qualified products and think along in development. From China, this is much less obvious. In addition, we have short lines of communication within Europe. Many of our customers find this very important.

Daan: What does the Sales Engineer miss out on if he doesn’t join you guys?

Martin: What he is missing is working within a nice team and a nice company within a very special and varied subject matter in a market segment and component that is crucial in the development of modern society. A role in the development of the near future of the electrification of society. You play an important role in the projects to achieve success. Your contribution is very clear in this. That makes us all feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Are you totally into this and would you like to learn more about your career opportunities at Bakker Magneticcs? Then check out the Sales Engineer position and apply! I’ll talk to you soon.

Thank you for reading!

Daan Crutzen

Recruitment specialist


Sales Engineer
For the employer Bakker Magnetics in Son, we are recruiting a Sales Engineer with a technical...
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