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When a problem occurs, it often has a serious impact!

We have begun the recruitment of a Compliance Engineer for Briggs & Stratton

In this blog I tell you a little more about the background of the Compliance Engineer position, the content of the vacancy and the hybrid workplace of Briggs & Stratton in Herten. Maybe it’s something for you? Enjoy reading!

I wrote this blog with the assistance of a Jeroen Engelen, Sr. Manager Product Safety & Compliance.

Daan: What can you tell us about the compliance department?

Jeroen: The Compliance Department falls under the Legal Department in America and consists of 2 groups namely: Emissions & Materials and Product Compliance & Battery. It just so happens that in Herten lies the global responsibility forProduct Compliance & Battery. My colleague in the US is responsible for Global Emissions & materials and I am responsible for Global Product Compliance & Battery which covers all products in C&D’s global offering. We have an intensive cooperation because new machines must comply with (safety) standards and legislation. The Product Compliance & Battery team consists of 6 colleagues spread around the world (or living in America and the Netherlands).

Daan: What can you tell us about the role of Product Safety & Compliance Engineer?

Jeroen: Due to a number of internal and external changes, we are looking for a new colleague. As a Product Safety & Compliance Engineer, you will be involved in NPD projects and aftercare. Engineering needs our support to know what a machine must meet. If this standard is not defined, you will have to extract it from various standardized facets. As a manufacturer, you may self-certify new machines. You perform risk analysis of standards of similar machines to ensure that the machine is safe. Various tests are then performed, and upon approval, the new machine parts are CE marked. OEM customers who buy our motors and batteries also ask questions.

Briggs & Stratton is affiliated with several industry associations (such as standardization development, electrical and battery standard development) within its industry. These associations are active in Europe and America. For the European market, the Product Safety & Compliance Engineer is involved in various working groups where the development of new requirements or regulations (regulations) are discussed. As well as new legislation where you are part of the creation to make products safer. It is important for industry to be involved in new legislation. The working groups are online or physical in Brussels or London.

When a problem occurs, it often has a serious impact. We then launch an investigation to know which machines are involved and how many have been sold in which countries. A recall can run hard into the numbers. That is why it is so important that as a Compliance Engineer you know what you have done and from program management all process steps are documented and checked off.

Daan: Where are the areas of responsibility of the Compliance Department?

Jeroen: Within our department, we have broad tasks and responsibilities. I will list the main areas for which we are responsible: Battery, Machinery, Global support and service (oil and lubricants) and Emission Directives for the European market of internal combustion engines, among others. I also mention Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), Machinery Directive, Labeling, European recycling and Noise Certification. We are involved in all of Briggs & Stratton’s New Product Development (NPD) worldwide.

“The responsibility we bear has a great impact on the development of new machines.”

Job duties & responsibilities worldwide

Daan: What are the core qualities of a Compliance Engineer?

Jeroen: We are looking for an Engineer with an affinity for the profession. An educational background in STEM or electronics is the foundation. You derive satisfaction from finding out, modifying and analyzing information and recording and documenting it in an appropriately accurate manner. Creating, maintaining and modifying outcomes of an overview of a comprehensive technical file, provides you with great satisfaction. You get a lot of energy from technical administration and you are detail-oriented. Information is clear, complete and structured so that, for example, declarations of conformity can be signed for production. You can master new material well and communicate this appropriately within an international organization. Many engineers find documentation troublesome. They want to develop something and know how it works. These engineers are not going to be happy here. This is a theoretical function. You are mainly involved in organizing documentation and analyzing standards and figuring out legislations to reflect on our new products.

Daan: What can you tell about yourself?

Jeroen:I am ultimately responsible for Global Product compliance and Battery, reporting directly to the Vice President Legal in the Americas. For more than 13 years I have enjoyed working for Briggs & Stratton, where I once started as a Mechanical Engineer. I am not a typical manager but still like to stand with my feet in the clay myself.

Briggs & Stratton Jeroen Enelen

Jeroen Engelen, Sr Manager Product Safety & Complaince

Daan: An experienced or entry-level compliance engineer?

Jeroen: In this we are flexible. We are open to senior as well as junior experience. In the junior role, the focus is more on Supporting & Program Management and personal development. A Senior Engineer has a legion of options with us to delve into. Within Briggs & Stratton, most colleagues have moved on from Engineering. We know that the job market within this discipline is small. There are not that many manufacturing companies large enough to have a compliance department. You do see an increase due to the growth of products with more complexity that are powered by batteries, for example.

Daan: Is this a hybrid function?

Jeroen, It certainly is! You work within an international playing field. Thirty to forty percent of the time you work with colleagues at the office in Herten. The remaining time you will be in contact with various C&D employees or test houses in Germany, Switzerland, China and America. This means that you plan your work as it suits you best. Working four days a week is also a possibility.

Daan: How important is knowledge of the English language?

Jeroen: Everything you read is written in English. Meetings with industry associations, conversations with customers and Briggs & Stratton and colleagues all take place in the English language. It is important that you understand exactly what is being said and can convey the substantive message well. The position requires a near native level of English. The Dutch language is not really relevant then. German is a plus.

Do you recognize yourself in the DNA of Briggs & Stratton and would like to learn more about your career opportunities? Then check out the Compliance Engdineer position and apply! I’ll talk to you soon.

Thank you for reading!

Daan Crutzen

Talentfinder & Blogger

Daan Crutzen

Recruitment specialist


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