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We are starting the recruitment of a Maintenance Supervisor for Scheuten Glas in Hoorn.

In this blog I tell you more about the background of this vacancy and about the workplace itself in Hoorn. Maybe it’s something for you? Enjoy reading!

By the way, I could not have written this blog without the help of Gabriëlle Uding, HR Business Partner and Sasa Tesija, Production Manager of the Insulating Glass Factory in Hoorn.

Daan: What can you tell us about yourself?

Sasa: I am Sasa Tesija. I am a 57 year old experienced People & Production Manager with a focus on safety, quality, cost and efficiency improvement. As a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, I strive to create a culture of continuous improvement within Scheuten Glas Nederland.

Daan: Recruiting Techs is not an easy task. What makes it interesting to come and work for Scheuten Glas?

Sasa: There are several reasons why working at Scheuten glas is so interesting.
First, Scheuten Glas is known for its innovative approach within the glass industry. As an employee, you will have the opportunity to be involved in exciting projects and contribute to breakthrough technologies within the industry. In addition, Scheuten Glass often offers opportunities for professional development and growth. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or already experienced, there are opportunities to expand your skills and grow within the company. We strive to create a positive and collaborative work environment. Colleagues are encouraged to work together, share ideas and support each other to achieve common goals.

Scheuten Glass plays an important role in various sectors, including construction, automotive and solar energy. As an employee, you can contribute to providing high-quality products that have a positive impact on various industries and communities. Sustainability is a high priority at Scheuten Glas. The company is committed to environmentally friendly production processes and provides sustainable solutions to customers. As a proponent of sustainability, you can be proud to be part of an organization committed to a greener future. Overall, Scheuten Glass offers a stimulating and challenging work environment where you can develop your talents and make a valuable contribution to the company’s continued growth and success.

Daan: What are the main challenges for the new Maintenance Supervisor at Scheuten?

Sasa: As Maintenance Supervisor, you, along with 3 colleagues, will ensure a smoothly running machine shop. You are a specialist in both mechanical and electrical fields. Daily contact with production managers and operators, identifying timely breakdowns. You will look ahead and provide preventive maintenance within an extensive and varied fleet of machinery. Continuous improvement is therefore a trait that belongs to you. A challenge with a lot of freedom and responsibility to collectively improve performance

Daan: What is the reason the position became available?

Sasa: Our former Technical Services supervisor chose to return to his former employer to take an international position there. We regret that but we also have to move on.

Daan: What can you tell us about this production site of Scheuten Glas?

Sasa: Our production site produces insulating glass, similar to the facility in Venlo and other sites. We have modern, automated machinery that is operational 24/7 and of which we are proud. In Hoorn we work with about 100 colleagues, who are active from order entry to production. Our goal is to ensure that we deliver 100% quality on time to our customers. Every single time.

Daan: In the Netherlands, the number of permits lags behind the demand for new houses. What does this mean for Scheuten Glas?

Sasa: Yes, we are already seeing this in Germany. As a result, Scheuten Glass may see a decline in sales of its products to the construction industry. However, this also simultaneously provides opportunities for the company to adapt, innovate and explore new market opportunities. We look at this positively and see opportunities for growth and development

“Building innovation and sustainable progress together in our maintenance team!”

Sasa Tesija, Operations Manager in conversation with his colleague Hans.

Daan: What Maintenance Supervisor personalities fit well with the team?

Sasa: What fits well with the team is a person who is communicatively strong and stress resistant. Someone with the ability to motivate, inspire and support the team to achieve common goals. The Maintenance Supervisor must be able to analyze problems, come up with creative solutions and make decisions that improve team productivity and efficiency. This person must be able to work well with other departments, support team members and promote positive team dynamics. Finally, the ability to plan tasks, prioritize and efficiently manage resources is crucial for a Maintenance Supervisor.

Daan: What is your ambition for this TD team within 1 to 3 years?

Sasa: My ambition is to grow and develop the TD team within 1 to 3 years through training, education and mentorship, which will result in stronger team development. I want to foster a culture of collaboration, open communication and teamwork within the Technical Services Department. Within this timeframe, I strive to transform the TD team into a well-oiled machine that can effectively respond to challenges, capitalize on opportunities and make valuable contributions to the organization’s overall operational objectives.

Daan: Who does the Maintenance Supervisor interact with on a daily basis?

Sasa: The Maintenance Supervisor interacts daily with various colleagues within the production environment including members of the TD team, supervisors, production employees, shift supervisors, the Work Preparation and Management (WvB) and external parties such as suppliers.

Daan: In what proportion does the Maintenance Supervisor collaborate on the shop floor?

Sasa: That’s hard to estimate. The level of involvement of the Maintenance Supervisor on the shop floor may vary depending on the specific needs and circumstances at any given time. For example, during busy periods or when unexpected problems arise, the supervisor may show more hands-on involvement, while during quieter periods he may spend more time on strategic tasks.

Daan: What can the new Maintenance Supervisor at Scheuten Glass expect?

Sasa: The Supervisor can expect a culture of open communication, where he or she is encouraged to ask questions, get or give feedback and raise any concerns. In addition, there will be support and cooperation with other departments, as well as opportunities for professional growth and development within Scheuten Glas. This includes access to training, workshops and seminars to improve maintenance management skills and knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest developments and technologies. In addition, there will be support in dealing with challenges and obstacles that may arise while performing the role of Maintenance Supervisor, including mentorship and coaching.

Are you totally into this and would you like to learn more about your career opportunities at Scheuten Glas? Then check out the Maintenance Supervisor position and apply! I’ll talk to you soon.

Thank you for reading!

Daan Crutzen

Recruitment specialist


Maintenance Supervisor
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