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Eisenkolb is a machine builder of fine mechanical high-performance industrial sewing machines. Responsible for the development, assembly, technical support and installation of these machines around the world.

About Eisenkolb

Eisenkolb develops machines for the production of window decoration and is the supplier for the embroidery industry. New machines arise from market needs, and the cooperation processes with customers. In Eindhoven works a team of 35 specialists divided, across different, mostly technical disciplines. The culture within Eisenkolb can be described as a Brabant ‘WE culture’ in which everyone treats each other with respect and there is sufficient freedom to develop yourself more broadly. Eisenkolb Window is a niche player with solid technical know-how and strong customer portfolio, worldwide.


The apprenticeships within our organization are long and therefore it is important for us to commit people to us for a longer period of time. The basis for this, of course, lies in the recruitment process. Analyzing our needs, mapping our organization, a great campaign, selecting the right candidate and following up on satisfaction. This is exactly what makes VanDaan stand out in my eyes. VanDaan is committed and driven but above all an extension of our organization. He knows our strengths and weaknesses, and can articulate them perfectly to potential candidates. He flawlessly knows how to make matches that fit in terms of “skills” and “mindset,” which forms the basis for long-term employment.

Hans Vernooij
General Manager Eisenkolb

At every step of the application process, Daan was a good and helping hand.

During my search for a new challenge, I saw an interesting video job posting on Facebook. Soon after my application, I was contacted by Daan Crutzen. A pleasant telephone conversation was followed by an invitation to his office in Weert. This conversation left a good impression on me. There must be a match between employer and employee. Coaching and information was also provided from vanDaan Recruitment about Eisenkolb where I was applying. At every step of the application process, Daan was a good and helping hand.

We are now six months along. I have found my new challenge, but still there is regular contact to inquire how I am doing. This I experience as very pleasant and indicates that you are not seen by Daan as one of many! Daan’s approach puts him above the average recruiter.

Dave Playford
Technical Customer Support Manager

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