Application roadmap


First contact(s)

After our initial contact, we are happy to schedule a personal on-site meeting to get a first impression about. During our introductory meeting, we are happy to listen to the needs and potential From our side, we provide an up-to-date labor market report tailored to the open position. The need measured against the labor market report provides insight into the recruitment strategy and recruitment tools to successfully fill the vacancy.


Planning an introduction

Hybrid or live


Introductory interview

Candidate and vanDaan unanimously agree to make the introduction. This will also determine if you want to be introduced in other places. vanDaan works from intrinsic motivation on the part of the candidate. Candidates with good qualifications and right motivations are invited for a personal interview. This is an in-depth interview that identifies experiences, competencies, motivators and working conditions. A joint decision is made to introduce the candidate to the employer, with quality always winning out over quantity.


CV will be shared with employer

Response within 5 business days or sooner.


Interviews employer

By mutual agreement, an appointment is scheduled with the employer at which the candidate receives detailed information about the interview. A telephone interview is also scheduled between Daan and the candidate prior to the interview in which Daan provides feedback on the interview and shares interview tips for preparation. After all, good preparation is half the battle. This process is repeated for the 2nd and 3rd interviews until the final match.


Employment Agreement

The candidate with the best match after the interview rounds will receive an employment contract. vanDaan provides an advisory role to the employer and candidate at this stage. The final process is often another serious hurdle to overcome. Uncertainties and expectations must be properly aligned in this before an employment contract is signed.



Time for a tasty flan! The employment contract is signed and the new start date is noted in the employer’s and candidate’s calendars. The moment of starting on the first day of work is always an exciting one. To highlight everyone who was involved in the recruitment process, vanDaan traditionally brings a delicious flan.



Within 6 to 8 weeks of start date, we schedule a final on-site evaluation. During this conversation, the recruitment process is scrutinized.