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Patryk Troć
Account manager

In my 10 years as an employee working from a startup to a multibillion dollar company I came across a couple of recruiters. But I never met a guy who is so passionate to look and find the right person for the right company and place.

Dave Playford
Technical Customer Support Manager

At every step of the application process, Daan was a good and helping hand.

During my search for a new challenge, I saw an interesting video job posting on Facebook. Soon after my application, I was contacted by Daan Crutzen. A pleasant telephone conversation was followed by an invitation to his office in Weert. This conversation left a good impression on me. There must be a match between employer and employee. Coaching and information was also provided from vanDaan Recruitment about Eisenkolb where I was applying. At every step of the application process, Daan was a good and helping hand.

We are now six months along. I have found my new challenge, but still there is regular contact to inquire how I am doing. This I experience as very pleasant and indicates that you are not seen by Daan as one of many! Daan’s approach puts him above the average recruiter.

Peter van Engelen
Project Coordinator

Working with (van)Daan has been a very positive and fruitful experience and I would definitely recommend him to other companies. Daan is a people person, pleasant to deal with, incisive and sincere. Throughout the entire proposal and application process, he kept me informed and gave honest feedback on progress. In the end, I accepted the offer from my new employer through VanDaan, and in retrospect, Daan painted me a good picture of the job opening and the company.

Rob de Laat
Warehouse Supervisor

Ruim jaar geleden via Daan Recruitment benaderd omdat ik zonder werk zat. Super geholpen; na intake wisten we wat we aan elkaar hadden, en wat ik zocht. Na ruim een week belde Daan dat hij een leuke nieuwe uitdaging had, helaas voor periode van ruim half jaar. Na wat discussie toch begonnen aan nieuwe uitdaging, wil per slot van rekening vast werk. Uiteindelijk na periode van half jaar, ja Daan Recruitment zit niet stil, kwam hij met weer nieuwe uitdaging waar ik nu nog, na proeftijd, inmiddels vast werk. Ondanks mijn leeftijd, ruim 60 jaar, nieuwe super job via Daan Recruitment.

Niels van Dorst
Senior Production Engineer

I experienced Daan’s approach as very person-centered, open and honest. He clearly understood in the introductory talks which aspects I value highly, and he also managed to clearly convey which aspects Kulicke & Soffa value. As a result, he set the right expectations for the position and the company with me. That is one of the factors that I have enjoyed and fulfilled working as a P.E. at K&S since April.

Anniek Gehlen

My first phone contact with Daan was an open conversation about my ambitions and background. It turned out that we grew up in the same area and that gave cause for an informal conversation in which we got to know each other better. That immediately characterizes Daan a no-nonsense person who considers it important not only to look at your work resume but especially the person behind it. This was followed by a team interview about my resume in which Dean kept asking about parts. Of this he made an accurate report in which my qualities were clearly shown. When he shared these I was allowed to interview. The interim contact with Daan regarding preparation and progress was pleasant. Daan educated me well about my current job and provided a suitable match. Therefore, I can highly recommend Daan.

Jasper Schade van Westrum
Mechanical Engineer

Daan is distinctly different from other headhunters and secondment firms.

In my search for a new challenge, I have spoken to at least 20 recruiters and seconders (in person and/or by phone). Daan was the last one. Daan is distinctly different from other headhunters and secondment firms. We had a very pleasant introductory meeting where Daan made sure he really got to know me and knew very well what kind of person I am. I immediately noticed Daan’s very coaching approach. The conversation was very enlightening for me and I went home feeling very good. Prior to my job interview, Daan prepared me well and I was able to go into the interview feeling confident.

Even after I started at my current employer, there were still several moments of contact to make sure everything was going well and that everything was to my liking. Daan helped me very well and very professionally definitely recommend talking to him if you are looking for a new challenge, maybe even if you are still in doubt about a new challenge.

Gertjan Saris
Work Planner

Daan is highly recommended if you are looking for a new challenge! Daan can be described in the following words; professional, personal, honest, committed, thorough, well prepared, a deal is a deal and good people skills. In summary, Daan is the best recruiter I have had the pleasure of meeting so far.

Gerard Redeker
Operations Director

Daan’s approach is consistent with our collaborative spirit. About two years ago, we met Daan Crutzen. He managed to make a match for us on a position that had been open for some time. He then held 5 technical positions MBO/HBO level in the last 5 years. Daan’s approach is consistent with our collaborative spirit in search of qualified personnel, fitting within our culture. vanDaan spends a lot of time with our organization and therefore gets to know our organization in every way. Especially DNA of our company. From there, he can make the match with a candidate much more targeted. The time required on a match becomes shorter and the success rate after hiring much higher. We think the small scale where quality goes before quantity is a big plus.

Erik Bogman
Service Technician

Daan, thank you for making my new challenge a reality! Approached in a pleasant casual way which I respect very much. In doing so, you also get the feeling that a well-considered choice was made before this approach took place. Beyond experience and education, there is also a good personal assessment of whether it is a good match. The pros and cons of the new challenge are discussed together without being pushed in the direction that is most favorable to a recruiter! In previous approaches by other recruiters, I have had less pleasant experiences with this. The feeling that it remains your own choice at every moment is very pleasant.

Jean Kruijntjens
Operationeel Manager

I have come to know Daan Crutzen as a very reliable person who stands by what he says. Daan is an honest sincere man. He weighs things carefully for both the candidate and client (the match). Daan always keeps his appointments which I really like. In short both for a client and candidate, Daan is definitely a recruiter who is far above average.

Marcel van Os
Stock Planner

During the introductory interviews, Daan knew how to properly identify and understand what kind of job/company I was looking for

He was genuinely interested in my ambitions and, by asking the right questions, knew how to match this with the right company

Daan really took the time to guide me throughout the application process which I really appreciated, good and open feedback from his side definitely helped me

Above all, Daan is a pleasant person to work with, the approach is more personal and felt more involved than I was used to with other recruiters

For now, I am very satisfied with my current job, but I definitely recommend anyone looking for another job to contact Daan.

Nick Raaijmakers
Business Process manager

Daan is an open and pleasant person to work with. Daan is an open and pleasant person to work with. He makes an effort to understand your needs and aspirations, and then tries to help you with these. In this, he continues where the average recruiter stops.

Stephan Mestrom
Maintenance Engineer

Via een kennis van mij die als zzp-er werkt bij MGG werd ik getipt over de vacature van maintenance Engineer. Hij had de video vacature voorbij zien komen en intern ook van de vacature gehoord. Hij wist ook dat ik naar wat anders opzoek was. En zo is het balletje gaan rollen. Ik ben met Jonny van Kempen Maintenance Manager en van vanDaan Recruitment in contact gekomen.

Het traject met Daan was gemakkelijk, eenvoudig met een duidelijk verhaal. Daan wist heel goed waar hij over sprak. Dat haal je ook uit zijn promotie filmpje. Hij doet moeite om te weten waar het over gaat. De tussentijdse gesprekken hebben een positieve bijdrage geleverd in de keuze die ik uiteindelijk gemaakt heb om voor MGG te kiezen.

De contacten met Daan waren heel menselijk. Ik was in de lead om zelf een keuze te maken. Als techneut word ik veel benadert door recruiters die vaak blijven pushen. Dat gevoel heb ik bij Daan helemaal niet gehad. Daan weet waar hij over praat en heeft veel ervaring wat als kandidaat prettig is gedurende sollicitatie gesprekken. Ik zou vanDaan zeker aanraden bij anderen in mijn netwerk.

Josh Hueber
Supervisor Inbound

Daan is interested in the individual and thinks what is most appropriate for the person even if you yourself do not immediately have this in mind. An open conversation creates many opportunities. The personal approach has no barrier and Daan is always open to thinking with you. It’s that I don’t want to keep changing jobs or I would report to Daan continuously. Thank you Daan for your dedication and creativity.

Mark Klomp
Field Service Engineer

My path to Eisenkolb did not initially go through Daan but directly through a former colleague who was already working at Eisenkolb. It was vanDaan’s video job posting that he shared via LinkedIn that triggered me, though. The first conversation was with my former colleague, there the enthusiasm for the position of field service engineer grew immediately. Still, to give someone an unbiased view about me as a person, a second conversation with Daan followed via teams. Then again, even in person, the conversation probably would have lasted even longer than the hour now. Daan is a spontaneous friendly guest. He knows exactly what kind of person a company is looking for. And does so with such passion that your enthusiasm only grows. I have since happily started at Eisenkolb Window and hope never to need Daan again, but I recommend him to everyone.

Sjano Gallardo
Continuous Improvement Manager

Een kennis maakte mij opmerkzaam op Daan Crutzen van ‘vanDaan Recruitment’. Na een informeel gesprek stelde Daan mij de vraag of ik interesse zou hebben om als interim professional aan de slag te gaan bij een leuk bedrijf binnen een straal van 20 minuten reisafstand. Dat ‘leuke’ bedrijf is uiteindelijk de firma Schmitz Foam Products uit Roermond geworden. vanDaan Recruitment heeft in relatief korte tijd iemand kunnen aandragen, waarbij de eindklant mee geholpen was. Ik kreeg een tijdelijke job aangeboden om mijn overbrugging te kunnen realiseren.
Door de informele benadering en het professionele netwerk van Daan Crutzen, geeft het mij onbewust een enorm goed gevoel dat alles verloopt, zoals jij dat zou willen. Met name omdat de match tussen de partijen klopt door het uitstekende researchwerk van Daan Crutzen op het gebied van mensenkennis, empathie en daadkracht. Inmiddels zijn we een jaar verder, en het contact is nog altijd van dien aard, dat ik iedereen Daan Crutzen kan adviseren op het gebied van Interim professionals of vacatures die (op vandaag de dag) vaak moeilijk in te vullen zijn.

Ivo van de Berg
Product Manager

(van)Daan is a fine company/person to work with. Is always there for you, you can always call him if you have questions, whatever time of day it is. He is genuinely interested in you as a person and especially looks for your own motivations and personal characteristics. The right personality within a team is of paramount importance to him, and Daan manages that very well. He does his utmost to achieve a good match, for you as a job seeker as well as for the client. During the Corona time we connected digitally, but even from a distance there was an instant click. vanDaan is highly recommended to partner with!

Luc Vissers
Business Controller

My compliments on this refreshing approach. Together with Daan, I went through a nice process on my way to a new position. Of course, you have to do it yourself but it is nice if, among other things, the preliminary work toward a new employer is done in an outstanding way. My compliments on this refreshing approach. My advice is to contact Daan if you are looking for a reliable partner on your way to a new position!

Tom Coppen
Improvement Engineer

Als werknemer op de arbeidsmarkt ben je bij vanDaan aan het juiste adres voor het vinden van je volgende uitdaging! Daan Crutzen is iemand met veel ervaring in het veld, en met een hoge mate van mensenkennis. Na het eerste informele kennismakingsgesprek weet Daan dan al heel goed samen te vatten wie je bent, wat je kunt, wat je zoekt en waarom. Niet alleen in het voortraject, maar ook tijdens een sollicitatieprocedure is er veel persoonlijke aandacht om er een succes van te maken! Al met al een relaxte manier van zaken doen, welke ik iedereen kan aanbevelen! Daan, nogmaals bedankt!

Ralph Essers
Manager Customer Care Benelux

Daan is simpelweg een toffe peer. Een recruiter met niet alleen het hart op de goede plaats maar ook met een goede kijk op mensen. Hij kijkt verder dan alleen je CV, houdt geen standaard praatje en kan inhoudelijk echt iets vertellen over de vacatures waarvoor hij werft. Hij zoekt niet alleen naar een match op bestaande kennis maar ook op potentie en naar de klik tussen jouw persoonlijkheid en de cultuur van het bedrijf. Zoek je iemand die serieus voor je op zoek gaat en het beste met je voor heeft dan kan ik Daan van harte aanbevelen. Oh ja, de koffie is ook erg lekker 🙂

Marco Sijbers
Supply Chain Engineer

I know Daan as a knowledgeable person and pleasant to deal with. You immediately notice that he is an experienced mediator and is quick to recruit the right candidate. That’s nice for job seeker & employer. Definitely a person to do business with!