As of 2016, we have partnered with vanDaan Recruitment. We experience the recruitment process as positive, effective and results-oriented. Daan immerses himself in the vacancies and our corporate DNA, which means that the candidates proposed are a good match for our wishes and specific requirements of the department(s). Daan is committed to creating great content, which we also hear back from candidates and people within our network and through social media. The blogs are knowledgeable summaries of our substantive conversations and that is greatly appreciated by candidates. The same goes for video job postings. In this, too, we receive compliments from the candidates and our network. It is distinctive, fun to watch and attracts suitable candidates in the right way.

It is difficult in this job market to attract good candidates, so you have to put in serious work and do it thoroughly. This characterizes vanDaan. We jointly draw up a profile and review the job market and potential candidates in advance. We filter our needs against the labor market so that only the right criteria remain. In this way, it makes it a lot easier for us to align and match our U.S. job profiles with the European job market. There is nice chemistry between Daan and the colleagues at Briggs & Stratton in Herten. Daan knows his way around the coffee machine and everyone always responds enthusiastically to his arrival. He could work here like this, it feels familiar! vanDaan works with passion, expertise and commitment, and for me that is why I recommend vanDaan to other employers as well.