Employer Branding

Employer Branding and Recruitment go hand in hand.

Many companies are very good at promoting their products and/or services and usually have a marketing department dedicated to this. The brand awareness it creates gives us confidence in buying or potentially buying in the future. Through repetition and advertising through the right media, this is stored in our subconscious (neuro marketing). The moment we are looking for a product or service and come into contact with it, it reinforces our awareness and increases the purchase opportunity.
The interpretation to the job market is Employer Branding.

Bringing the employer brand to the attention of your own employees and prospective employees. With the main goal of building a good image as an employer which increases attraction, pride in where you work and arouses the interest of the future employee.

Employer branding requires a strategic marketing plan that aligns with HR and Recruitment policies. What do I want to portray, what are we proud of, why is it so nice to work with us etc. This is not something you just do. This requires a longer-term commitment because the benefits are enormous. Employer Branding is an extension of the way we work within HR & Recruitment.

Being able to tell the story about the employer behind the scenes creates depth, transparency, trust and natural curiosity. A distinctive method within a competitive playing field of similar job postings in your region and a recognizability to the future, to keep working on. It is an important tool for engaging, colleagues and candidates to choose your organization.

Employer Branding serves as a reinforcement (leverage) of Recruitment because:

Experience and successes

vanDaan Recruitment has accumulated a lot of experience and successes around Employer Branding and Recruitment resulting in a shorter recruitment period, better quality candidates, increase in number of candidates and proud ambassadors who help in recruitment. vanDaan Recruitment supports employers in setting up and implementing Employer Branding, often in combination with recruitment issues.