Job marketing

Recruitment and marketing go hand in hand online.

We enter an overstrained job market in which candidates are latently looking for a new challenge and will go for it if everything is right. The period of post and pray is long behind us. Advertising on job boards is still important, but you don’t always reach your target audience. After all, who is at work.

Recruitment and marketing go hand in hand online and positively reinforce each other when used properly. In a landscape where every employer is fighting for the right talent, it is important that your job posting gets the proper attention it deserves.


Job marketing means identifying in advance where potential candidates are on social media platforms and job boards. On which channels are they most active. This selection ensures that you advertise on the right platforms with the right retargeting. Based on this information, a job marketing campaign is tailored with specific content to excite the right target audience. The intended effect is to build multiple touch points through various channels.

As of now, job marketing is part of the standard equipment at vanDaan Recruitment. Job marketing strengthens and seamlessly joins the services of job video, job blogs and Employer branding. It is valuable content to approach the right candidates transparently and informatively. A recruitment process that is customized every time, but with greater and faster outcomes than traditional recruitment methodologies.