Strategic Sourcing

Recruitment has become a specialty.

The period of post and pray is long behind us and is not coming back. Recruitment moves with the cyclical waves of the economy so supply and demand will always be out of balance. Therefore, recruitment requires continuous adaptability and commitment.

As an employer, you are in the growth phase which requires additional talent on a structural basis. Or you want to properly manage the aging of your organization in the upcoming period. What you don’t want is to always be behind the times. You are working in a niche or you are fishing in the same pool of candidates with many similar employers. You need a Recruiter who delves into your organization and knows from experience and networking where your potential candidates are working.

The recruitment process is a concatenation of careful process steps to ultimately attract the right candidate(s). A process that uses many data points to determine how that moves the labor market and where different target groups are located. A Recruitment strategy applied to facts combined with planning and a clear vacancy campaign.

But why

do you choose vanDaan Recruitment?

A partnership with vanDaan Recruitment is ideal when dealing with difficult profiles and or need to fill multiple vacancies per year. vanDaan Recruitment builds a continuous network of candidates for your organization, boosting the recognition of the organization and building on an intensive collaboration

“Personalized approach to respond faster now and in the future.”

A long-term relationship

vanDaan Recruitment likes to build long-term relationships with its clients, increasing expertise about the organization. and continuously build a network of candidates for your organization, boosting recognition. Candidates value Recruiters who know what they are talking about. Building trust (knowing what you are talking about).