Temporary employment & secondment

Recruiting a new colleague is part of your solution.

However, what if it’s a temporary solution because a colleague is going on maternity leave or a large assignment has been scored for a certain period of time. Then a temporary or secondment contract offers the freedom to work with the right candidate. You can always make the choice afterwards to put the candidate on contract.

vanDaan Recruitment cooperates with OAK HRM which enables us to offer temporary employment contracts (ABU temporary employment contracts) combined with good employment practices.

OAK HRM makes use of the relevant innovations in the field of HR, such as digital hours processing that increases convenience for the candidate and employer and provides online up to date overviews of all relevant parts related to the employment contract.

Once the right candidate is ready for a new start, OAK takes care of legal employment, compensation and payment. vanDaan Recruitment remains your point of contact in this regard. Together with OAK HRM, we can advise and guide any staffing and secondment issue.

Interim Professionals

The number of interim professionals in the Netherlands continues to grow in a multitude of sectors. Companies need specific knowledge for a period of time and professionals who are productive from day one. vanDaan Recruitment is in continuous contact with interim professionals and builds a quality network of these professionals.